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According to an informal regional survey of AAA members, 31% say they plan to travel for Labor Day weekend, but 49% will not. And 70% of those surveyed admit that inflation—including higher gas and air fare prices—played a role in their travel decisions. However, a significant number say they plan to travel in the remaining months of the year or in 2023, especially with air fare prices projected to decline this fall and winter.

Still, as Labor Day rapidly approaches, many travelers will take to the roads and skies to celebrate the unofficial end of summer. Given the spate of recent flight cancellations and delays related to weather and staffing issues, AAA advises travelers to always have a plan B—and offers advice on coping with flight cancellations, delays and luggage issues.

AAA encourages travelers, including those looking forward to a Labor Day getaway, to sign up for text and email alerts from the airlines—and to check for delays and cancellations before leaving for the airport.

“Downloading your carrier’s app—as well as an app for an alternate carrier—is a step all travelers should take, and may provide you with the best tool for rebooking a flight as expeditiously as possible on your phone,” says Lloyd Albert, Senior Vice President of Government and Public Affairs at AAA Northeast.  “Having that app handy, and using it quickly, could help you avoid a long delay.”

There are also important steps flyers can take to minimize the impact of flight delays and misplaced luggage. “Catching the first flight in the morning–and packing a carry-on bag rather than checking a bag can help travelers avoid delays and lost luggage,” says Cyndi Zesk, Vice President of Travel at AAA Northeast. “And purchasing travel insurance to protect your investment is now more important than ever.”

AAA highly recommends booking trips with a trusted travel advisor to protect your investment. A travel advisor can help rebook a flight after a cancellation and will help you find the right travel insurance for your trip.

AAA also urges travelers who fly domestically to get a REAL ID if they haven’t already done so. And for anyone traveling abroad, check well in advance to make sure your passport isn’t expired. If so, you may want to consider Rush My Passport, an expedited passport courier service. For more information on planning your trip, visit

If you’re hitting the road Labor Day weekend, AAA encourages drivers to leave early if possible, and to access the AAA mobile App to gauge real-time traffic conditions before heading out. Gas prices are falling, but fill your tank before you hit the road, as gas is generally pricier at popular tourist destinations. Whether flying, driving, or taking public transit, enjoy your trip!

Where are our members headed this Labor Day? The top five destinations for the holiday are:

  1. Orlando, Florida
  2. Italy
  3. Las Vegas, Nevada
  4. Canada and New England cruising
  5. Ireland

The top 5 destinations our members are booking for the rest of the year are:

  1. Orlando
  2. Caribbean Cruises
  3. Aruba
  4. Vegas
  5. Bermuda

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