Baker-Polito Administration Awards $1 Million through the Cranberry Bog Renovation Grant Program

 Baker-Polito Administration Awards $1 Million through the Cranberry Bog Renovation Grant Program
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BOSTON – The Baker-Polito Administration today announced that the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources (MDAR) has awarded $1,000,000 to 17 organizations through the Massachusetts Cranberry Bog Renovation Grant Program. The program focuses on addressing potential challenges to the Commonwealth’s cranberry industry that may add value to the producers, products, and services provided. Competitive grants are awarded for projects that renovate existing cranberry bogs, provide higher yields, and more efficient methods of cranberry production for participating growers.

“The production of cranberries provides significant economic and environmental benefits to the Commonwealth, and our local growers continue to incorporate the latest in technology and equipment to grow and harvest their fruit in ways that conserve more water and better protect our natural resources,” said Governor Charlie Baker. “This funding will help boost long-term production and drive economic growth that will directly benefit the industry, consumers and local economies.”

“Since taking office, our Administration has prioritized support for the Massachusetts agricultural sector, including cranberry growers, to further boost production while reducing environmental impacts,” said Lieutenant Governor Karyn Polito. “These ongoing efforts are key to advancing economic growth and sustainability for the cranberry industry, and we are excited to partner with these growers to advance their innovative projects.”

The purpose of the Massachusetts Cranberry Bog Renovation Grant Program is to provide reimbursement directly to cranberry operations that implement eligible projects that improve both bog design and production while at the same time preventing, reducing, or eliminating environmental impacts that may occur from cranberry production. By funding these projects, the program achieves its purpose of enhancing the overall financial and environmental sustainability of the cranberry industry.

“Cranberries have been and will continue to be an important part of our state’s culture and economy, and the Baker-Polito Administration is proud to continue to support this important industry with funding through the Massachusetts Cranberry Bog Renovation Grant Program,” said Energy and Environmental Affairs Secretary Beth Card. “Our cranberry growers are committed to expanding their work, and these grants will help secure production for future generations.”

“We continue to be proud of our hardworking growers and their many contributions to the Commonwealth,” said Department of Agricultural Resources Commissioner John Lebeaux. “As growers experienced challenges related to this season’s weather conditions, these grants demonstrate the commitment of the Baker-Polito Administration and their continued support to the industry.”

The Massachusetts Cranberry Bog Renovation Grant Program helps contribute to the financing needs of local Massachusetts cranberry growers. The applicants receiving awards will receive funds for capital expenditures to renovate existing cranberry acreage. This includes stripping the bogs, applying sand and laser leveling, improving irrigation systems and drainage, and planting higher-yield variety vines. The projects will work to reduce growers’ environmental impact and increase bog productivity. The following local agricultural operations are receiving grants through the program for FY23:

  • Bayside Agricultural, Inc.; Carver, MA; Bog Renovation on 8.38 Acres; $75,000
  • Beaton’s, Inc.; Rochester, MA; Bog Renovation on 10.5 Acres; $75,000
  • D&D Harju Cranberries, LLC; Middleborough, MA; Bog Renovation on 4.32 Acres; $35,000
  • Double M Cranberry Co, Inc.; Rochester, MA; Bog Renovation on 2.38 Acres; $35,000
  • Federal Furnace Cranberry Co.; Carver, MA; Bog Renovation on 5.8 Acres; $49,000
  • Mann Farms, Inc.; Buzzards Bay, MA; Bog Renovation on 4.61 Acres; $69,000
  • Mayflower Cranberries, LLC; Plympton, MA; Bog Renovation on 5 Acres; $75,000
  • Miller Cranberry Co., Inc.; Kingston, MA; Bog Renovation on 5.41 Acres; $75,000
  • Morse Brothers, Inc.; Middleborough, MA; Bog Renovation on 5.32 Acres; $75,000
  • Nantasket Cranberry Limited Partnership; Carver, MA; Bog Renovation on 2.59 Acres; $38,000
  • North Weston Cranberries, Inc.; Carver, MA; Bog Renovation on 2.16 Acres; $32,000
  • Piney Wood Cranberry Company, Inc.; Plymouth, MA; Bog Renovation on 8 Acres; $75,000
  • Ross Cranberry, LLC East; Sandwich, MA; Bog Renovation on 2 Acres; $30,000
  • Spring Rain Farm; East Taunton, MA; Bog Renovation on 4.8 Acres; $72,000
  • Stanley Kravitz Cranberries; Middleborough, MA; Bog Renovation on 6.48 Acres; $75,000
  • Steven Ward Cranberries; Carver, MA; Bog Renovation on 4.77 Acres; $71,000
  • Windy Knoll Farm, Inc.; Berkley, MA; Bog Renovation on 2.95 Acres; $44,000

“The cranberry industry is a cornerstone of the agricultural-tourism economy in Massachusetts,” said Senate Ways & Means Chair Michael Rodrigues (D-Westport). “The mighty cranberry has been heralded for its nutritional value as well as its contributions to the culinary arts worldwide. As a Senator representing a district where the cranberry is iconic, I am proud to join the Baker-Polito Administration in congratulating Beaton’s Inc. and Double M Cranberry and others as proud grant recipients from the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources.”

“I am extremely pleased that 10 cranberry bog farms in the district I proudly represent will be receiving a total of $556,000 in grant resources,” said Dean of the Massachusetts Senate Marc R. Pacheco (D-Taunton). “The cranberry has been an agricultural industry staple of Southeastern Massachusetts for hundreds of years, and I am extremely pleased local bogs and farms throughout the region will be receiving resources for critical design improvements to address environmental impacts. As our ecosystem contends with the intensifying effects of our climate emergency, resources supporting resilience and sustainability represent critical investments for local communities here in the Commonwealth. Many thanks and congratulations to those receiving awards.”

“The cranberry sector is important to Massachusetts both for the economy and the open space value of preserved upland areas,” said State Representative Bill Straus (D-Mattapoisett). “These grants continue to provide critical funding in maintaining the viability of our local growers in the competition they face within the industry.”

“As a member of the Cranberry Revitalization Task Force, we heard repeatedly how important bog renovations were in order for our growers to stay competitive with newer state-of-the-art bogs in the upper Midwest and Canada,” said State Representative Susan Gifford (R-Wareham). “It is fantastic to see more growers that will benefit under this grant program following the almost $1 Million in grants that were given in 2019.  My thanks to MDAR and the Baker-Polito Administration.”

For more information regarding the Massachusetts Cranberry Bog Renovation Grant Program, please visit MDAR’s program webpage.

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