Bruce Willis’s family shares a new diagnosis about his health: he suffers from a form of dementia

 Bruce Willis’s family shares a new diagnosis about his health: he suffers from a form of dementia
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CNN – By Megan Thomas

(CNN) —  The family of Bruce Willis announced that the actor has a form of dementia called frontotemporal dementia (FTD).

In a statement shared this Thursday, the relatives of the 67-year-old star said that although the news “is painful, it is a relief to finally have a clear diagnosis.”

“There are currently no treatments for the disease, a reality that we hope may change in the coming years. As Bruce’s condition progresses, we hope the media attention can focus on shedding light on this disease that needs much more. awareness and investigation,” the statement said.

Willis’s family — including his wife Emma Heming Willis, his ex-wife Demi Moore and their daughters — revealed his aphasia diagnosis in 2022. They said at the time that Willis suffered from a medical condition that was affecting his cognitive abilities and would take a break from the performance.

“Bruce always believed in using his voice in the world to help others and raise awareness about important issues, both in public and in private,” his family’s new statement read. “We know in our hearts that if he could do it today, he would want to respond by bringing global attention and a connection to those who are also suffering from this debilitating disease and how it affects so many individuals and their families.”

According to the Mayo Clinic, frontotemporal dementia is a “general term for a group of brain disorders that primarily affect the frontal and temporal lobes of the brain. These areas of the brain are generally associated with personality, behavior, and language.

The most recent production Willis has starred in is “Detective Knight: Independence,” which was released in January 2023 and is the third installment in the “Detective Knight” thriller film series. There was also the action movie “Assassin” that opens next month.

Willis and Heming Willis share two daughters, Mabel and Evelyn. With Moore, he is the father of Rumer, Scout, and Tallulah.

Rumer Willis is currently expecting her first child with her boyfriend Derek Richard Thomas.

“Bruce has always found joy in life, and has helped everyone he meets to do the same. This has meant that the world sees that sense of care resonating with him and all of us,” the statement added. “He We have been so touched by the love that everyone has shared for our dear husband, father and friend during this difficult time. His continued compassion, understanding and respect will enable us to help Bruce live as full a life as possible.

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