Cicilline Urges Colleagues to Show Solidarity with the Ukrainian People, Vote for H.Res. 956

 Cicilline Urges Colleagues to Show Solidarity with the Ukrainian People, Vote for H.Res. 956
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WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman David N. Cicilline (RI-01), senior member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, today spoke on the House floor before voting to pass H.Res 956, Supporting the People of Ukraine, a bipartisan resolution supporting the people of Ukraine as they fight Vladimir Putin’s illegal, unwarranted invasion.

Thank you, and thank you Chairman Meeks for your extraordinary leadership in this very important moment.

I rise in strong support of H.Res. 956 and in solidarity with the people of Ukraine. On February 24th, Vladimir Putin thought he was making another step toward realizing his delusional pursuit of reconstituting the USSR when he ordered the brutal invasion of the sovereign and peaceful nation of Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin thought the Ukrainian people would give in quickly to the violence and abandon their freedoms.

Vladimir Putin thought that President Zelenskyy would flee and capitulate to Russian demands.

Vladimir Putin thought the world would turn a blind eye toward Russian aggression.

Vladimir Putin thought wrong.

In fact, as Chairman Meeks said, we saw firsthand the determination and will of the Ukrainian people to fight to preserve their own country and their own freedoms and they are going that today – fighting day-by-day, hour-by-hour to protect their country, and to secure a free and democratic future for themselves and their families.

The free world has rallied together to impose devastating sanctions against Russia, against the Russian economy, and to hold the Putin regime and his enablers to account for their crimes.

I strongly support this resolution and I know the United States and its allies are united behind the people of Ukraine, behind the values of freedom and democracy, and against the tyranny of a thuggish dictator, Vladimir Putin. And again, I thank Chairman Meeks for his extraordinary leadership, I thank Ranking Member McCaul, and I yield back.

Among other provisions, H.Res 956:

  • Sheds light on the horrific acts committed by the Putin regime and Russian military in Ukraine
  • Demands an immediate ceasefire and full withdrawal of Russian forces from sovereign Ukrainian territory
  • Reaffirms Ukrainian sovereignty over Crimea and Donbas
  • Backs additional coordinated sanctions to hold Putin and Russia accountable
  • Backs additional security, economic, and humanitarian assistance to Ukraine and our allies in the region
  • Reaffirms our NATO Article 5 commitments
  • Highlights the historic, multilateral coordination by the United States and our allies led by the Biden Administration
  • States that the House will never recognize any illegitimate government that Putin hopes to install in Ukraine and that it is up to the Ukrainian people alone to choose their own leaders and future

The full text of the H.Res 956 can be found here.

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