City Council Weighs Reallocation of $20 Million in American Rescue Plan Act Funds

 City Council Weighs Reallocation of $20 Million in American Rescue Plan Act Funds
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ARPA Funding

PROVIDENCE, RI – Councilors received proposed changes for the spending of $20 million in American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds. Mayor Brett Smiley proposes amending two ARPA ordinances that would shift spending the remaining funds on long-term investments, such as infrastructure, improving city services, and housing.

Cranston Street Armory Investments

Total allocation $1,000,000

Increase Amount +$1,000,000

Emergency Housing Solutions

Total allocation $3,774,410

Increase Amount +$2,774,410

Equipment/Parking Meter Replacement

Total allocation $1,000,000

Increase Amount +$1,000,000

Food Security Grants

Total allocation $375,000

Increase Amount +$125,000

Housing Trust Transfer

Total allocation $27,226,239

Increase Amount +$10,226,239

India Point Resiliency Investments

Total allocation $3,000,000

Increase Amount+$3,000,000

Merino Park/WRWC Investments

Total allocation $1,000,000

Increase Amount $1,000,000

Right to Counsel

Total allocation $1,200,000

Increase Amount +$600,000

$166 million was received from the federal government in 2021 during the COVID-19 pandemic. $81.4 million has been spent and a total of $84.89 million remains. Mayor Smiley is proposing a reallocation of $20 million.


“Time can change our outlook on priorities. The council is committed to reviewing the mayor’s shift in spending ARPA dollars and ensuring the allocations go toward making Providence more affordable and that all have equitable access to city services,” said Council President Rachel Miller (Ward 13).


The amendments were received by the Council and sent to the Finance Committee.


Ordinance 341 – American Resue Plan Act Grant

Ordinance 190 – American Rescue Plan Act Grant

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