City of Pawtucket to Announce Opioid Settlement Grant Program

 City of Pawtucket to Announce Opioid Settlement Grant Program
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Tomorrow, March 7, 2024, at 9:00 AM, the City of Pawtucket, Mayor Donald R. Grebien, and Chief Equity Officer, Charles Carvalho, will be joined by Attorney General, Peter Neronha, to announce the launch of Pawtucket’s Opioid Settlement Grant Program at the Blackstone Valley Visitor Center.
Attorney General Neronha has reached settlements with opioid manufacturers, distributors, and consultants advising those companies that have brought and will bring nearly $330 million in cash and lifesaving medication to Rhode Island. All funds recovered through Rhode Island’s opioid settlements will be used for opioid treatment, prevention, and recovery efforts to combat the opioid epidemic. The City of Pawtucket was granted $1,723,463 to be released over the next 14 years, through 2038.
The City aims to provide funding to those who provide essential services to improve the health, safety, and well-being of all Rhode Islanders by advancing innovative solutions that foster independence, and improve health, to combat the opioid epidemic challenges the community faces.
Pawtucket Mayor Donald Grebien
Attorney General Peter Neronha
Charles Carvalho, Chief Equity Officer – City of Pawtucket
Elizabeth Moreira, Pawtucket-Central Falls Health Equity Zone
Colleen Daley Ndoye, Project Weber Renew
Chief Tina Goncalves, Pawtucket Police Department
Chief John Trenteseaux, Pawtucket Fire Department

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