Councilwoman and Mayoral Candidate Nirva LaFortune Rolls Out Plan for Her First 100 Days

 Councilwoman and Mayoral Candidate Nirva LaFortune Rolls Out Plan for Her First 100 Days

Providence, RI- July 18, 2022 – Today, Councilwoman Nirva LaFortune announces “My First 100 Days: My Plan to Bring Your Voice to City Hall.” The full plan can be found online at As the Councilwoman says in the introduction to her First 100 Days plan,

My perspective is unique in this campaign, but it is not unique to the people of Providence. Ordinary people keep our City moving. We don’t have time for a Mayor who has to learn the challenges facing working people; we need a working person who knows these challenges first-hand and knows how to implement solutions.

This race is about making a choice for Providence’s future. Do we move forward with bold, inclusive policies? Or do we fall back to the old ways of doing things? There is an opportunity on our website for people to offer feedback, critiques, and suggestions on the Councilwoman’s plan for her First 100 Days. This reflects her belief that she will not have all the answers on day one and her commitment to being proactive in recruiting and hiring an inclusive, intelligent, and innovative team.

Nirva is running for Mayor because for too long, those with front row seats to decision-making in the Mayor’s Office have not prioritized our neighborhoods, our young people, and those who have long been forgotten by their government. In the introduction, Councilwoman LaFortune goes on to say this,

Full time politicians and status quo insiders will not deliver the change that Providence needs. From now on, it will be the voice of the people of Providence that will have the most say in our policy-making. This plan for My First 100 Days will lay out the steps that I plan to take to ensure that I achieve that goal and that you have a way to hold me accountable – as you always have.

The City of Providence faces incredibly complex challenges. This is Nirva’s plan to bring people together and get the work done to improve our City and give it the future that it deserves.

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