FEMA Provides More than $1.5 Million to the Rhode Island Department of Health

 FEMA Provides More than $1.5 Million to the Rhode Island Department of Health
REGION 1 – FEMA awarded a $1,580,594 grant to the Rhode Island Department of Health.  The grant provided funding for the state’s COVID-19 resource communications program which operated between Aug. 1 and Dec. 31.
FEMA’s Public Assistance (PA) funds helped provide programs for the deaf community and those with limited English proficiency throughout Rhode Island. This included person-to-person, in-print and online communications with healthcare providers, schools and the media through American Sign Language interpreters and translation services, as well as English translators and English translation services. The funds are reimbursed 100% through FEMA’s PA Program.
“This grant paid for Rhode Island to communicate COVID-19 resources to its deaf and limited English proficiency communities throughout the state,” said Acting Regional Administrator and Federal Coordinating Officer Paul Ford, who oversees FEMA’s operations in New England. “FEMA continues to support the Rhode Island Department of Health in its efforts to communicate with residents of the state during this COVID-19 pandemic.”
As of June 25, FEMA’s PA Program obligated more than $231.2 million in assistance toward pandemic aid in Rhode Island.
FEMA’s PA Program in New England includes states, localities, Tribes and certain types of private nonprofit organizations. More information about it is at Assistance for Governments and Private Non-Profits After a Disaster.

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