Governor McKee Announces Appointment of Tonya Glantz to the State’s Parole Board

 Governor McKee Announces Appointment of Tonya Glantz to the State’s Parole Board
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PROVIDENCE, RI – Today, Governor Dan McKee announced his appointment of Tonya Glantz, MSW, PhD, to serve as the newest member of the Rhode Island Parole Board.
“Tonya has a vast background in social work across Rhode Island, and I’m confident her decades of experience will help further the mission of the Board by promoting the safe and productive re-entry of incarcerated individuals while supporting the public safety of all Rhode Islanders,” said Governor Dan McKee.
“In more than 30 years of practice, I’ve been humbled by the complexity of the criminal justice system,” said Tonya Glantz. “I’d like to thank Governor McKee for this opportunity. I do not take for granted the importance this role plays in our society, and I’m excited to bring my civil service experience to the table so that I can best serve both the board’s needs and the needs of Rhode Islanders.”
Glantz’s social work research has focused primarily on exploring and implementing interventions between vulnerable populations and service organizations.
Currently, Glantz is the interim Executive Director at the Institute for Education in Healthcare at Rhode Island College’s School of Business.
Glantz is a member of numerous committees, like the National Association of Social Workers, Rhode Island Chapter, where she’s been a member since 1995 and has held various leadership roles.
As part of her service and social work career, Glantz has been named the recipient for a host of awards, including the 2023 East Bay Community Action Vision Award, the 2018 Bertram Yaffe Award for Excellence in Public Health through the RI Public Health Institute, and the Youth Pride, Inc. Community Angel Award for Outstanding Contributions and Advocacy for 2000 and 2001.
“Having followed Dr. Glantz’s work in social welfare, education, behavioral health, and community healthcare, I am excited to have her join the parole board,” said parole board chairperson Laura Pisaturo. “She is superbly qualified and a thoughtful individual.”
Glantz received her doctorate through the Joint Education Doctoral Program between the University of Rhode Island and Rhode Island College in 2013 and earned her Master of Social Work from Rhode Island College in 1997.
The Parole Board is composed of seven members appointed by the Governor. As per state law, the Board evaluates and considers the discretionary and conditional early release of sentenced incarcerated individuals who are serving a term of more than six months. The Board also determines the revocation and return of those who may violate the terms and conditions of parole while in the community.

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