Governor McKee, Office of Energy Resources, Commerce RI Announce the Launch of Affordable Solar Access Program

 Governor McKee, Office of Energy Resources, Commerce RI Announce the Launch of Affordable Solar Access Program
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PROVIDENCE, RI – Governor Dan McKee, the Rhode Island Office of Energy Resources, the Renewable Energy Fund (REF) at Commerce RI, and PosiGen have partnered to create the Affordable Solar Access Pathways program, known as ASAP. The ASAP program will provide solar leases and power purchase agreements to single family, low-to-moderate income (LMI) homeowners, specifically households located in environmental justice focus areas.
The ASAP program will provide up to $1 million in incentives funded by the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, through the REF, which will serve approximately 200-300 households.
“As we continue to adopt clean energy, we must ensure an equitable distribution of resources and benefits,” said Governor Dan McKee. “Low-to-moderate income communities have been historically under served in the solar marketplace and often experience the negative impacts of climate change firsthand. Providing environmental justice communities with affordable access to rooftop solar is essential to ensure all Rhode Islanders benefit from the renewable energy transition.”
“The Affordable Solar Access Pathways program represents a significant step in our mission to make solar more accessible for all Rhode Islanders,” said Acting State Energy Commissioner Chris Kearns. “By focusing on low-to-moderate income communities in environmental justice areas, we are not only addressing the urgent need for renewable energy but also prioritizing those who have not received the benefits of our programs. Our goal is to create sustainable, long-term advantages for these communities, ensuring they play a key role in Rhode Island’s renewable energy future and advancing our obligations with Act on Climate.”
“The Renewable Energy Fund at Rhode Island Commerce is a critical element of our state’s commitment to equitable, clean energy solutions,” said Rhode Island Secretary of Commerce Liz Tanner. “By championing the ASAP program, we’re not only advancing our state’s sustainability goals but also ensuring that economic growth in clean energy directly benefits our communities, especially those in environmental justice areas. This initiative is a practical step towards our broader vision of a sustainable future grounded in social equality.”
“We are proud to partner with Governor McKee, the Rhode Island Office of Energy Resources, and the Renewable Energy Fund to launch the Affordable Solar Access Pathways (ASAP) program.” said Peter Shaper, CEO of PosiGen. “At PosiGen, we believe that affordable solar energy should be accessible to everyone, regardless of income or background. Through ASAP, we are committed to contributing to a more equitable and sustainable future for Rhode Island by reducing the energy burden for low-and-moderate income families across the state.”
This program was developed with technical support from the Clean Energy States Alliance and funding via the Department of Energy’s Scaling up Solar initiative with the aim to increase participation among LMI homeowners across the state.
Eligible program participants include those located in parts of the communities in Woonsocket, Central Falls, Pawtucket, Providence, Cranston, West Warwick, East Providence, Warren, Middletown, and Newport.
The REF will provide an incentive to PosiGen to reduce solar lease costs. This will provide meaningful savings for LMI households, including those on the discounted low-income A-60 utility rate. As part of the ASAP program, the solar lease will also include a home energy audit and the installation energy efficiency measures at no additional cost. Reducing the home’s overall energy needs will provide additional savings on both electric and heating bills.
In addition to ASAP, OER offers other energy efficiency and renewable energy programs available to LMI customers. Clean Heat RI offers incentives on heat pump installations and will cover 100 percent of the equipment and labor cost for LMI customers.
The program will be administered through the Renewable Energy Fund at Commerce RI. To sign up for a solar consultation, please visit

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