Governor McKee Signs National Gun Violence Awareness Day Proclamation

 Governor McKee Signs National Gun Violence Awareness Day Proclamation
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PROVIDENCE, RI – Joined by advocates for gun safety, Governor McKee today signed a proclamation declaring Friday, June 7, as the 10th annual National Gun Violence Awareness Day. Elected officials in attendance included Secretary of State Gregg Amore, Treasurer James Diossa, Senator Sandra Cano (D-District 8), and Representative Jennifer Boylan (D-District 66), while representatives of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense and the Rhode Island Coalition Against Gun Violence filled the audience.

“Our job as Rhode Islanders, as parents and caregivers, as managers and workers, and as neighbors and friends is to take commonsense actions that keep everyone in our communities safe and free of gun violence,” said Governor Dan McKee. “National Gun Violence Awareness Day gives us the opportunity to draw attention to the harm and trauma that could have been avoided with greater firearm education and regulation.”

“National Gun Violence Awareness Day and Wear Orange Weekend are important because we deserve to live in communities free from gun violence. It is beyond unacceptable that guns are the #1 killer of children and teens in America, and we are reminded that we must take action and raise awareness in order to keep our families safe,” said Melissa Carden, Executive Director of the Rhode Island Coalition Against Gun Violence.

“Gun violence, in all its forms, is a national and statewide emergency we need to act on, to stem senseless loss of life,” said Tony Morettini, representing the RI Chapter of Moms Demand Action. “In Rhode Island, we have seen recent instances of young people – children – getting access to unsecured firearms, resulting in tragedy. So we must act. In order to act, we must all be made constantly aware of the impacts of gun violence in our communities and be constantly outraged by it. National Gun Violence Awareness Day puts a spotlight on the challenges and opportunities we face to keep us all safer.”

Traditionally held the first Friday in June, National Gun Violence Awareness Day honors those killed or injured by gun violence and draws attention to commonsense reforms to keep communities safe. It kicks off the Wear Orange Weekend, a national initiative to bring attention to issues of gun violence in America.

The Governor added that he is very hopeful that this year, safe storage legislation for firearms will become law. During the McKee administration, numerous gun safety bills have become law in Rhode Island, including:

  • Raising the legal age to purchase firearms or ammunition in Rhode Island;
  • Banning large-capacity magazines;
  • Prohibiting a “straw man” purchase of a firearm for someone legally prohibited from possessing one;
  • Banning carrying a firearm on school property (with exceptions for law enforcement); and
  • Prohibiting open carry of a loaded rifle or shotgun in public.

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