Michael Solomon Endorses Brett Smiley for Mayor

 Michael Solomon Endorses Brett Smiley for Mayor
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Providence, RI- Today, former mayoral candidate and Providence City Council President Michael Solomon announced his endorsement of Brett Smiley for Mayor of Providence in the 2022 primary.


“I’ve known Brett for years and I know that he has what it takes to be the best mayor for our city,” said Solomon. “To solve the big problems our city will be facing, our next mayor needs to understand how to work together with the City Council, the staff and the community, as well as to bring the skills required to lead a government with more than 1000 employees. Based upon his experience, Brett is the man for the job. He will be ready to lead on day one. I appreciate my supporters and the team we have built and look forward to working with Brett and his team towards a victory this fall.”


The two joined current elected officials, former elected officials and community members for the announcement in the Elmhurst neighborhood at Fargnoli Park. Discussing the endorsement, Smiley said, “Michael has deep roots in our city and has worked hard to build relationships with neighbors and with community leaders. He has seen both sides of city government and understands what it takes to be an effective mayor.”


“I am proud to have the support of Michael who I’ve worked with and gotten to know very well over the years,” added Smiley. “I greatly respect him for his service to the City of Providence and look forward to working with him on the campaign.”


Endorsements to date include:

  • Council President John Igliozzi

  • Councilwoman JoAnn Ryan

  • Councilman Nick Narducci

  • Councilman Michael Corriea

  • Councilman Jim Taylor

  • Representative Frank Ciccone

  • Representative Nathan Biah

  • Representative Edith Ajello

  • Former Council President Michael Solomon

  • Former Council President Peter Mancini

  • Former Councilman Terrence Hassett

  • Former Councilman Patrick Butler

  • Former Councilman Andrew Annaldo

  • Former Councilman Wilbur Jennings

  • Former Representative Joanne Giannini

  • Former Representative Steven Smith

  • Former Fire Chief George Farrell


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