New Ad Highlights Governor McKee’s Record on Tax Relief

 New Ad Highlights Governor McKee’s Record on Tax Relief
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Read the full transcript below:

GOVERNOR: Before I was Governor, I ran a small business.

Tough times put us on the brink.

And then we get this.

Gas prices, groceries – every cost is up.

We can’t solve it all, but we can help.

As your Governor, we’re ending the car tax – finally.

We’re helping families with $250 checks per child.

We’re lifting up our small businesses.

And we’re making housing more affordable.

We’re investing in the people who make us strong.

As long as I’m Governor, we always will.

McKee speaks directly to Rhode Islanders on actions that lower taxes

PROVIDENCE – Governor Dan McKee today unveiled the third TV ad of his campaign for a full term, titled “Bill.” As Rhode Islanders face nationally rising costs – from the grocery store to the gas pumps and everywhere in between – Governor McKee understands the need for immediate relief here at home. Under Governor McKee’s leadership, the car tax bill that Rhode Islanders have dreaded for years has finally been eliminated, leaving more money in Rhode Islanders’ pockets. Speaking directly to Rhode Islanders, Governor McKee rips the bill in half to highlight the $75 million in tax relief that was achieved because he was able to effectively manage the state’s historic surplus. He continues to highlight significant tax relief he delivered for Rhode Islanders: $250-per-child credits estimated to provide over $43 million in relief for families, tax cuts for small businesses, and an unprecedented $250 million investment in affordable housing. The list of relief could go on to include tax cuts for seniors and Veterans, and proposed electricity bill relief.

“My message to Rhode Islanders is simple: I have your back. I know we are facing rising costs in virtually every aspect of our everyday lives. I hear from people who are impacted by it daily. That’s why my top priority as Governor is to put more money in Rhode Islanders’ pockets, starting with the package of immediate tax relief we were able to deliver for families, Veterans, seniors, and small business owners. We will continue to make it more affordable to own a car; to make affordable housing more accessible; to cut taxes for aging Rhode Islanders; to give families the boost they need; and to make it easier to do business in Rhode Island. That is what good leadership does – invests in the people who make us strong,” said Governor Dan McKee.

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