Pawtucket man sentenced to serve 10 years in state prison for 2020 drive-by shooting

 Pawtucket man sentenced to serve 10 years in state prison for 2020 drive-by shooting
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PROVIDENCE, R.I. – Attorney General Peter F. Neronha announced today that a Pawtucket man was sentenced in Providence County Superior Court to serve 10 years at the Adult Correctional Institutions (ACI) after pleading to felony charges stemming from his role in a 2020 drive-by shooting on Jefferson Avenue in Pawtucket.

Jayquan Parker (age 26) pleaded nolo contendere to one count of committing a drive-by shooting, one count of assault with a dangerous weapon, one count of discharge of a firearm during a crime of violence not resulting in injury, one count of possession of a firearm after a conviction of a crime of violence, one count of possession of a loaded rifle in a vehicle, and one count of vandalism.

At a February 26, 2021, hearing before Superior Court Justice Kristin E. Rodgers, the court sentenced Parker to 20 years at the ACI with 10 years to serve and the balance suspended with probation. The court stayed execution of Parker’s sentence until today, when he reported to Providence Superior Court and was taken into custody by Rhode Island Sheriffs.

“Last April, Mr. Parker had quite a day. Deciding to be a street fighting man wasn’t enough.  He then returned to the scene with a semi-automatic rifle and with one goal in mind, to injure others by shooting at them, or worse.  It’s time for Mr. Parker to spend plenty of time in a place where he can’t hurt others,” said Attorney General Neronha. “I am grateful to the Pawtucket Police Department for their excellent work in this case.”

Had the case proceeded to trial, the State was prepared to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that on April 7, 2020, Parker drove to Jefferson Avenue in Pawtucket, stopped his SUV in front of a home, and fired what is believed to be a semi-automatic rifle from the SUV toward a driveway where two individuals were standing.

Earlier that day, Parker fought with several individuals in the middle of West Avenue in Pawtucket. Shortly thereafter, he returned to the area in a rented Chevrolet Tahoe, stopping in front of a home on Jefferson Avenue across from a playground and basketball courts at Payne Park.

Parker fired what is believed to be a semi-automatic rifle at least 22 times towards the driveway at the home, missing two individuals who were standing nearby. Bullets fired by Parker struck a parked vehicle and garage numerous times.

Members of the Pawtucket Police Department used nearby video surveillance footage to ultimately track down and arrest Parker. The semi-automatic rifle used in the shooting has not been recovered.

“There is no place in our community for senseless gun violence,” said Pawtucket’s Acting Public Safety Director and Police Chief Tina Goncalves. “We thank the Attorney General’s Office for their partnership and diligence on this case. The Pawtucket Police department will always be committed to serving and protecting our diverse community.”

The case was prosecuted in the Superior Court by Assistant Attorney General Joseph McBurney. The police investigation was led by Detective Andrew Torres, Detective Michael Cioe, and Sergeant Paul Trout of the Pawtucket Police Department.

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