Ready to Plug In? Confidently Shop for a Used Electric Vehicle with AAA

 Ready to Plug In? Confidently Shop for a Used Electric Vehicle with AAA
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New educational resources guide buyers on how to shop for an electric vehicle 


AAA is releasing its new Used EV Buyer’s Guide that includes basic information on electric vehicles (EVs) like ownership costs, details to consider before purchasing, and guidance for those who want an EV but need more affordable options. Last year’s AAA survey revealed that of consumers interested in EVs, 25% would purchase used, with Millennials (32%) the most likely to consider this option. AAA wants consumers interested in going electric, whether new or used, to be informed and educated on EV ownership before purchase to ensure a rewarding and confident experience.


“A used EV could be a viable option for many first-time buyers or multi-car households, as they tend to be more affordable,” said Diana Gugliotta, Director of Public Affairs at AAA Northeast. “The key is to understand all the options available, as well as individual needs, which can ease some of the anxiety associated with purchasing used.”


What the Guide Offers – “A Pre-Shopping Checklist”

  • Basic background of EVs
  • Driving range and charging
  • Used EV ownership cost comparisons (battery versus gas-powered)
  • Repair and maintenance costs
  • Supplemental AAA Car Buying Resources


Many consumers are attracted to the idea of going electric – but worry they will face a steep price tag for a new EV. A used EV may be a more feasible option for buyers concerned about cost or those looking to add a second car to their household. In addition to the newly released guide, AAA has other resources to help buyers navigate the car-buying decision. The 2022 AAA Your Driving Cost analysis revealed that EVs have the second lowest annual ownership costs behind small sedans. Additionally, used EVs are estimated to cost less to own than their gas-powered counterparts. Especially for consumers looking to save significantly on fuel costs – EV owners save $8,000 or more over five years in this area.


“Electric vehicles are quickly gaining popularity, and AAA wants to give consumers what they need to make an informed purchase,” said Ms. Gugliotta. “We support an electric future and will continue to do our part by providing educational resources for the public, including a new website that will serve as a compendium of EV information and research.”


The AAA Used EV Buyer’s Guide is now available at


AAA Northeast’s EV website, provides information and tools on:

  • Calculating the total cost of ownership
  • EV Incentives/federal, state, and utility rebate programs for new and used EVs.
  • AAA Car Guide provides consumers with reviews and ratings of select vehicles with the latest automotive technology, many of which are EVs.
  • Calculating emissions


To help educate the public, AAA conducts ongoing research on EVs, including consumer sentiment surveys, testing to determine factors impacting electric vehicle range, the true cost of electric vehicle ownership, and a survey on consumers’ experience with going electric. Visit for more information.


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