Reed Delivers $818,000 to Provide Health & Wellness Support Services to Vulnerable RI Seniors

 Reed Delivers $818,000 to Provide Health & Wellness Support Services to Vulnerable RI Seniors
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WASHINGTON, DC – In an effort to ensure that elderly and disabled residents receive critical supportive services, U.S. Senator Jack Reed announced $818,137 in federal funding to help provide wellness and community-based services so senior citizens and residents with disabilities can live more independently.

Seventeen Rhode Island affordable housing service providers will receive the federal aid to assist low-income seniors and persons with disabilities to ensure they regularly receive health care, meals, and other critical supportive services.

The federal Multifamily Housing Service Coordinator Program (MHSC) is administered by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

“I am committed to providing comprehensive, coordinated care and services for older adults and people with disabilities who need assistance,” said Senator Reed, a member of the Appropriations Subcommittee on Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, and Related Agencies (THUD). “Service coordinators help connect seniors and residents with disabilities with the care, support, and assistance they need.  This federal funding will help seniors age in place with the best quality of life possible.  It’s a cost-effective way to help low-income seniors live more independently and stay socially connected.”

America’s senior citizen population is growing rapidly and is projected to nearly double by 2050.  And while many seniors would like to age in place in their homes, that isn’t always possible due to health, mobility, safety, and financial concerns.

HUD’s MHSC program provides federal funding for service coordinators in HUD-assisted multifamily housing properties to assist elderly individuals and persons with disabilities in obtaining the supportive services they need to continue to live as independently as possible in their homes.  The service coordinator plays a critical role in supporting HUD-assisted multifamily housing as a platform for financial security, physical security, social connections, and the delivery of long-term community based supportive services.

Service coordinators manage and provide access to necessary supportive services in the community, provide case management services as needed, and develop programs and resources that support wellness for the entire resident population.

The federal funds cover a variety of costs for service coordinators, such as salary, benefits, quality assurance, training, office space, equipment, and other related administrative expenses.

Senator Reed helped provide $120 million for the Service Coordinator Program in the fiscal year 2023 Consolidated Appropriations law.

Rhode Island award recipients of this federal funding include:

Charlesgate Park Apartments: $39,898

Charlesgate South Apartments: $39,898

Charlesgate East Apartments: $39,898

Charlesgate North Apartments: $40,942

Parkis Place: $39,898

Roland M. Boucher Apartments: $30,358

Douglas Manor: $9,922

Harris House: $42,240

Marvin Gardens Apartments: $28,521

Mt Vernon Temple North: $44,402

Hanora Lippitt Mills Apartments/HLM: $44,173

Huntington Tower Apartments: $45,251

Four Sisters: $42,271

CS Apartments: $24,914

CS Apartments: $45,384

Rumford Towers: $100,182

Vineville Christian Towers: $205,369

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