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Pawtucket, RI | London, UK — Rhode Island FC, the new professional soccer club that will make its USL Championship debut in 2024, becomes the second US club to partner with Iterpro’s sports intelligence solution to optimize the club’s operation from the pitch to the board room with data-driven decision-making.

The main focus of this collaboration lies in a shared vision of empowering athletes, coaches and directors with cutting-edge technology that enables them to access strategic information at their fingertips. Through Iterpro’s Sports Intelligence platform, Rhode Island FC’s coaching staff will gain a deeper understanding of players’ performance, monitor fitness and wellness levels, identify injury risks, and devise personalized training plans tailored to individual players’ needs. Furthermore, Iterpro’s solution will allow Rhode Island FC to build a digital ecosystem to streamline communications and workflow including the club’s administrative and finance related to scouting and player operations, contract management and bonus tracking.

This partnership represents a step forward in the digital transformation of the US football industry but also paves the way for a more data-informed and efficient approach to athlete performance and club management in the realm of football. As the two entities join hands, the stage is set for an exciting journey of achievement, empowerment, and progress in the world of sports tech.

Khano Smith, the Head Coach and General Manager of Rhode Island FC, expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating, “Iterpro is a comprehensive platform that will create an environment for our players and coaching staff to reach their full potential. As Rhode Island FC prepares for its inaugural season, partnerships like these will be instrumental in our continuous growth as coaches, players, and other support staff.”

Marco Savinio, CEO & Founder of Iterpro: “Rhode Island FC is a young, ambitious club with a clear vision for the future and a solid data-driven approach. I believe their forward-thinking approach will pave the way to achieve their goals and it will be reflected in the team’s performance on the pitch in the coming seasons. I am delighted to support them on this exciting journey through our cutting-edge technologies.”

About Rhode Island FC
Rhode Island FC, a club for all Rhode Island, is independently owned and operated and is the only homegrown men’s professional team in the state. It is led by co-founders Brett Johnson and former MLS and USMNT player Michael Parkhurst, a Rhode Island native. The club will begin play in March 2024 in its temporary venue, Beirne Stadium on the campus of Bryant University, while its permanent home stadium is completed for the 2025 season. The Stadium at Tidewater Landing in downtown Pawtucket will be a state-of-the-art stadium with a 10,000+ capacity. More information at www.rhodeislandfc.com.

About Iterpro
Iterpro Sports Intelligence is an all-in-one sports data management platform that connects organization members, centralises technologies and data from every department and turns them into actionable insights to support clubs in making better decisions faster, from the pitch to the board. Iterpro helps sports organizations to build a bespoke digital framework that streamlines communication and workflow across several clubs’ areas, and brings the club’s strategic information right at the fingertips of their decision makers so they can be always in control.

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