Skypath Security Inc. Partners with the City of Pawtucket, Rhode Island to Enhance Public Safety

 Skypath Security Inc. Partners with the City of Pawtucket, Rhode Island to Enhance Public Safety
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East Greenwich/ Pawtucket, RI –  Skypath Security Inc., a leading provider of advanced security solutions, is proud to announce its partnership with the City of Pawtucket, Rhode Island, to deploy its Innovative Mobile Defense Platform™. This innovative technology, built on a military-grade platform, protects the children in Pawtucket’s schools and ensure the safety of people in public buildings from active shooters and other potential hazards. Furthermore, the platform offers a world-class situational awareness con-ops platform for the City’s first responders, empowering them with critical information during emergency situations.
The Skypath Mobile Defense Platform™ incorporates state-of-the-art, military-grade technology designed to provide comprehensive security measures and enhance situational awareness for both schools and first responders in Pawtucket. This advanced platform will enable the city to respond more effectively to potential emergencies, allowing for swift and coordinated actions when faced with critical situations.
One of the key features of the Skypath Mobile Defense Platform™ is its ability to detect and respond to active shooter incidents, offering real-time threat detection and rapid notification capabilities. By leveraging sophisticated sensor networks and advanced analytics, the platform will enable authorities to proactively identify potential threats and implement immediate countermeasures, reducing response times and minimizing the impact of such incidents.
In addition to its primary focus on school safety, the Mobile Defense Platform™ will also extend its protection to public buildings throughout Pawtucket. This includes government facilities, community centers, libraries, and other high-traffic areas. By deploying this advanced technology, the city aims to create a secure environment for residents and visitors, fostering a sense of safety and well-being within the community.
Mobile Defense Platform™ also offers a world-class situational awareness con-ops platform for the City’s first responders. This advanced solution provides real-time data feeds, incident tracking, and enhanced communication capabilities, enabling rapid and effective decision-making during emergencies. By equipping the City of Pawtucket’s first responders with these cutting-edge tools, Skypath Security Inc. aims to enhance their ability to protect lives and ensure the well-being of the community.
“We are thrilled to collaborate with the City of Pawtucket to deploy our Mobile Defense Platform™,” said David Paolo, CEO of Skypath Security Inc. “By leveraging our military-grade technology, we aim to provide a comprehensive security solution that enhances the safety of schools and public buildings. Additionally, our situational awareness con-ops platform empowers first responders with critical information, enabling them to respond effectively during emergencies. Together, we are committed to creating a secure environment for the residents of Pawtucket.”
Mayor Donald Grebien expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “The safety and security of our community is of utmost importance to us. Partnering with Skypath Security Inc. allows us to leverage their innovative technology and expertise to protect our schools and public buildings effectively. This collaboration demonstrates our commitment to ensuring the well-being of our residents and enhancing emergency preparedness.”
The partnership between Skypath Security Inc. and the City of Pawtucket exemplifies their shared dedication to public safety. By deploying the Mobile Defense Platform™ and providing a world-class situational awareness con-ops platform, both parties are working together to enhance the security infrastructure and protect lives within the community.
About Skypath Security, Inc.
Skypath Security is the leader in mobile intelligent and interactive threat assessment, threat awareness, and threat safety. Skypath specializes in certifying schools, retail stores, restaurants, and all public buildings and spaces against threats. Skypath’s interactive mobile defense platform is linked directly to first responders and offers real-time information and live monitoring of people and valuable assets, providing crucial information in a crisis. Learn more about Skypath Security, Inc. by visiting

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