Suspect ID- Stolen Providence Police cruiser

 Suspect ID- Stolen Providence Police cruiser
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Earlier Wednesday evening, Providence Police arrested Ishmael Lee, age 34, following a brief struggle with the officer before fleeing in a marked Providence Police cruiser.

Officers were on routine patrol when they observed two men riding Slingshots in a bike lane on Broad Street, resulting in Lee being pulled over by police. During the stop, the officer noticed one of the suspects were acting suspicious and Lee ran off with a satchel.  Following a brief struggle on Colfax Street, Lee broke free and a firearm fell from the satchel.

Officers proceed to chase him around the corner onto Colfax Street where the two struggled briefly. When the man broke free from the officer, a firearm fell from the satchel. Lee eventually hopped into the officer’s cruiser and drove it a short distance down the road before abandoning it near the intersection of Elmwood and Atlantic avenues and was apprehended by police.

Ishmael Lee

Lee was charged by Providence Police Detectives with:

  • Possession of a firearm
  • Stolen Auto
  • Obstruction
  • Simple Assault
  • Resisting Arrest
  • Reckless

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