Team Nirva’s Statement on Quarter Two Fundraising

 Team Nirva’s Statement on Quarter Two Fundraising

The past fundraising quarter has been an exceptionally strong one for Nirva’s campaign for Mayor. Being a single, working mom and a political outsider, raising the amount of money that full-time politicians and well-connected insiders are able to has always been out of the question.

Nirva has always said that this campaign would have to be fueled by grassroots donors, everyday people inspired by her message for a brighter future for Providence.

We are proud to announce that in the second quarter…
● Team Nirva raised $52,000+

● Garnered 350 individual contributions from 300+ individual contributors

● 285+ of the contributions were from the State of Rhode Island

● 240+ of the contributions were $100 or less.

We received contributions from the unemployed, nurses, CNAs, teachers, artists, school counselors, and lawyers. We received contributions from those with advanced degrees and from those with a high-school diploma.

Our donor base represents the diversity of Providence and is driven by a dedication to changing how City Hall works – from a building open and well-functioning for the well-connected to a seat of government that works for all people in the City of Providence.

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