The City of Pawtucket Offers Free Menstrual Products in City-Owned Buildings

 The City of Pawtucket Offers Free Menstrual Products in City-Owned Buildings
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PAWTUCKET – As of April 1, 2023, disposable menstrual products, such as tampons and sanitary pads, will be available in city-owned buildings at no cost. Any person in need of such products will be able to obtain them for free in public restrooms at Pawtucket City Hall, Pawtucket Police, and Fire Stations, Leon Mathieu Senior Center, Department of Public Works, Pawtucket Public Library, and Pawtucket Public Parks.


“I am extremely proud of this new initiative as it will ensure that all individuals who need these products, will have access to them at no cost,” said Mayor Donald R. Grebien. “The installation of these dispensers is just one step towards making Pawtucket a more equitable and inclusive community.”


In January 2021, the State of Rhode Island and the General Assembly passed a bill to provide free menstrual products in all public schools that serve grades 5 through 12. However, prior to the state law, the Pawtucket Public School Department provided the products to students at no cost.


This specific initiative to provide free menstrual products in city-owned buildings was led by former Councilwoman At-Large, Elena Vazquez, and former Public Health and Equity Leader, Elizabeth Moreira.


A complete list of locations

  City Hall

  • Credit Union 4th floor Bathroom
  • City Clerk’s Kitchen Bathroom
  • Ladies Mezzanine 3rd Floor Bathroom
  • Mayor’s Office Bathroom
  • Finance Department Bathroom
  • Handicapped Bathroom
  • Payroll Room 211 Bathroom
  • Law Department Bathroom
  • Accounting Department Bathroom
  • Collections Bathroom
  • Tax Assessors Bathroom
  • Zoning Department Bathroom
  • Ladies’ Mezzanine 1st Floor Bathroom
  • Ladies’ Ground Floor Bathroom
  • Human Resources Bathroom
  • Purchasing Bathroom
  • Internal Affairs Bathroom

    Department of Public Works

  • Carpenter Shop Bathroom
  • Sanitation Bathroom
  • Garage Bathroom
  • Highway Department Bathroom
  • Parks Department Bathroom
  • Public Traffic Bathroom
  • Ladies Employee Bathroom

    Daggett Farm

  • Ladies Bathroom
  • Kitchen Bathroom
  • Garage Bathroom


  • New Max Reed
  • Pariseau Park (McCoy)
  • Old Max Read (Pleasant St)
  • Vets Park (Smithfield Ave)
  • Hank Soars (Prospect St)
  • McKinnon Alves (Monticello Ave)

  • Directors Office
  • All ladies bathrooms
  • All Kitchen bathrooms

    Senior Inn

  • All Kitchen Bathrooms
  • All Ladies Bathrooms
  • Break Room Bathroom


  • Prosecution Bathroom
  • Detectives Kitchenette Bathroom
  • Chief’s Office Bathroom
  • 2nd Floor Bathroom
  • Front Kitchenette Bathroom
  • All Ladies Bathrooms
  • Dispatch Bathroom
  • Cell Block ID Bathroom
  • Special Squad Bathroom

    Police Sub-Station

  • 2nd Fl Ladies Locker RM
  • Hallway Bathroom

    Fire Station 2

  • Top Floor Bathroom

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