The Rhode Island State Police is proclaimed champion in the 14th Annual Lights & Sirens International Basketball Tournament “Vacation with a Purpose” in Dominican Republic

 The Rhode Island State Police is proclaimed champion in the 14th Annual Lights & Sirens International Basketball Tournament “Vacation with a Purpose” in Dominican Republic

RI State Police team at LSI’s 14th Annual Basketball Tournament “Vacation with a Purpose”

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Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic – The Rhode Island State Police team prevailed this Sunday morning 52-35, over the Providence Police team in the last game of the XIV Lights & Sirens International Basketball Tournament, managing to proclaim itself champion.  the events took place at the Fabio Rafael González Sports Center in the city of Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic.  With the support of Latino Public Radio (LPR), the tournament was aired live for the first time in 14 years on LPRdeportes.

Andrew Walkins, MVP of the LSI’s 14th Annual Basketball Tournament

Andrew Walkins was chosen as the most valuable player of the event, for his brilliant work during its development, including his 19 points scored in that final game, with which he was supported by the offense of the champion players, Edson Evora with 14 points and Mike Moten added 10 points.

The runners-up of the Providence Police team who stood out, Alex Díaz with 11 points, Amin Morillo finished with seven and Rogelio Livramente with six baskets.

Providence Police team players at 14th Annual Basketball Tournament

The Providence team dominated the first quarter 12-08, the Rhode Island State Police made important adjustments in the second quarter, managing to go into the halftime break with a good eight-point lead (25-17 ), the Rhode Island  State Police also claimed the third quarter with the score in their favor 34-24,  the game ended in favor of the new event champions, Rhode Island State Police.

The events is organized by a non-profit organization from United States, Lights & Sirens International. This basketball tournament& Humanitarian trip “Vacation with a Purpose” has been held in the Dominican Republic for 14 years, with a special objective, in addition to sharing in the basketball environment, the visitors to the Dominican Republic in the 14 uninterrupted years coming to Dominican Republic, they carry out various activities, including community aid, motivational talks for young people, and sharing with professionals from the National Police, specifically located in the city of Puerto Plata.

On this occasion, the basketball tournament and humanitarian trip had the collaboration of the valuable international non-profit media organization “Latino Public Radio” (LPR), directed by the prominent Dominican communicator, Reynaldo Almonte and broadcast by the prestigious digital platform LPR Deportes, led by the distinguished sports communicator Moisés Peña, who was accompanied by one of his main team member, whom also is a commendable sports communicator Sócrates Polanco.

The idea and purpose of this event came from Rhode Island Police Officer Ibn-Hashim Bakari, President of Lights and Sirens International, with the goal of attracting police officers, firefighters and other public service personnel so they can not only enjoy the area’s tourist appeal but also its objective is to raise funds for the organization to establish educational programs and humanitarian works for the youth of the city of Puerto Plata and surrounding areas.

Balkari expressed how grateful and happy for the great support Lights & Sirens International received from the staff of Latino Public Radio in the Dominican Republic as well as in the states.  Mainly, thanking the support of Latino Public Radio, which through its affiliate in the Dominican Republic, LPR Deportes has broadcast for the first time in history the basketball tournament, which united the sports families of the United States and the Dominican Republic.

This production of Latino Public Radio and Lights & Sirena International was directed by both, Reynaldo Almonte and Ibn-Hashim Bakari, with the incredible working staff that represent LPR Deportes in the Dominican Republic,  Moisés Peña , Sócrates Polanco, Damilka Monegro, Celina Cruz, Alexander Jiménez, Dahianna Camilo, Emmanuel Tavarez Rafael Ernesto Sánchez, Francis Checo, Ezequiel Sosa Angel Antonio Fernández, Anthony Inoa, Isidro Trinidad, Alberto Federico Almonte (Albertico) and Gustavo Fermín.

Finally, Reynaldo Almonte spoke on behalf of Latino Public Radio, where he pointed out that LPR’s support for this important event is part of a broad community aid program that the organization that he represents promises to continue supporting these type of events in different Latin American countries and mainly in the most vulnerable areas, since the main objective of the LPR board of directors is to be able to bring solutions to the problems of human beings in different areas of life.

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