What They’re Saying About Governor McKee’s Learn365RI Initiative

 What They’re Saying About Governor McKee’s Learn365RI Initiative
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“Every day is a new chance for our children to learn and grow, and the Learn 365 RI model will help families seize that opportunity,” said Lt. Governor Sabina Matos. “I encourage all of Rhode Island’s local leaders to join the Learn 365 Municipal Compact and to help us build a statewide system of out-of-school educational programs. Together, we can give every Rhode Island student the high-quality education they deserve and put them on a path to lifelong success.”
“I applaud Governor McKee’s dedication to education, especially as education is the great equalizer for all our children. As my office is committed to improving financial literacy for all Rhode Islanders, I look forward to collaborating with the Governor to increase financial literacy resources in communities across the state, especially among young people, women, and people of color,” said General Treasurer James A. Diossa. “By investing in education, we can break the cycles of poverty, increase economic participation, and build generational wealth for all.”
Newport Mayor Xay Khamsyvoravong
“We need to move with urgency to close the learning gap if we are going to have a fighting chance in tomorrow’s economy. Newport’s educators and non-profits get it; that is why they have been working together to help our students learn both in and out of the classroom year-round,” said Newport Mayor Xay Khamsyvoravong. “To coordinate, track and scale these efforts our community needs the resourcing and support proposed in Governor’s Learn365RI strategy.
“As mayor of Pawtucket, and as a parent, I know how important it is to give every child every opportunity to succeed,” said Pawtucket Mayor Donald R. Grebien. “We are ready to work with the Governor, RIDE, our school department and our community based organizations to continue to expand learning opportunities so that our kids can lead choice-filled lives.”
“Yearlong learning and out of school time learning are critically important, and our kids in Central Falls – and throughout Rhode Island – deserve every opportunity to achieve greatness,” said Central Falls Mayor Maria Rivera. “As the Mayor of Central Falls, I look forward to meeting with the Governor, RIDE and others to discuss this opportunity for our community and ways this plan can offer meaningful learning opportunities 365 days of the year.”
“In Warwick our Boys and Girls Club is a leader in out of school time programming, and we know that giving kids a safe place to be, a place where they are known and cared for, is a critical for their success. We are excited to work with the governor to build on our successes to date and to help every child in Warwick achieve their potential,” said Warwick Mayor Frank Picozzi.
“The League of Cities and Towns supports Governor McKee’s commitment to improving our education system. In alignment with this vision, municipal leaders have already begun exploring partnerships within their communities to establish year-round learning opportunities for school-aged students and create pathways to improve educational outcomes,” said Executive Director of Rhode Island League of Cities and Towns Ernie Almonte. “Our members understand how important and vital these investments are in our students as it impacts their ability to enter the workforce and ultimately lead healthier lives. We look forward to working with the Governor and his staff to support this effort.”
“By working together, we can get further for our kids and improve academic achievement across the Ocean State,” said Education Commissioner Angélica Infante-Green. “With Governor McKee’s bold vision for year-round learning and through strong partnerships across the board, we will reach Massachusetts levels of academic performance. I look forward to working closely with our partners including students, parents, educators, and community and business leaders to move our state education system forward and help every student reach their highest potential.”
“Ensuring our students are equipped with the knowledge and skills they need in K12 will ensure they are prepared for postsecondary education,” said Shannon Gilkey Ed.D., Rhode Island’s Postsecondary Commissioner. “Governor McKee’s bold vision for reaching Massachusetts education outcomes by 2030 gives our state an ambitious target to reach, and our office is wholeheartedly on board to support the work of our 39 communities to reach that goal.”
“The Governor’s approach of using 365 days per year to support student learning through collaboration among public and private providers should yield solid advances in student learning that will rival Massachusetts’ levels by 2030,” said President of Rhode Island College Jack Warner. “We at RIC pledge to actively support these efforts, since they will yield better prepared students who will succeed in postsecondary education.”
“One of the greatest challenges our state is facing is improving educational outcomes for our students. We all have a role to play, and I applaud the Governor for bringing together leaders across education, municipalities, and business to develop solutions that will drive real change in providing increased access to learning opportunities for all Rhode Islanders,” said Meghan Hughes Ph.D., President of the Community College of Rhode Island.
“URI wholeheartedly supports investment in education for all Rhode Island students, and we are committed to building and strengthening our connections and programs with our education partners across the state,” said University of Rhode Island President Marc B. Parlange. Today, we have thousands of K-12 students participating in concurrent programs at URI in everything from computer science to biotechnology, and we offer unique experiential learning opportunities like our summer Shark Camp for highschoolers and our mini boat program we launched with Central Falls students. Investment in our students is an investment in the future of Rhode Island, and we look forward to working with the state to develop programs that benefit all Rhode Islanders.”
“Rhode Island students need high quality learning opportunities, both in and outside of school, to ensure academic and life success. Quality out of school time programming is vital to providing students the academic and enrichment opportunities they deserve and need, said Susan Lusi PhD, President & CEO, Mass Insight Education & Research. “Closing achievement gaps requires closing opportunity gaps and that’s what this initiative is designed to do.”
“This is a wonderful learning initiative. The Newport School District is committed to working with our community partners to providence educational support and learning 365 days a year to help our students be successful. We’re lucky to have so many strong partners, especially the Boys and Girls Club. We look forward to expanding this work in partnership with the Mayor as the time moves forward this year. We are also very fortunate to have a Governor who wants to be so involved and lead this initiative as it will be one of the cornerstones to grow our economy and build a strong Rhode Island,” said Superintendent of Newport Schools Colleen Burns Jermain.
Newport Boys & Girls Club Executive Director and CEO Joe Pratt
“Count us in,” said Newport Boys & Girls Club Executive Director and CEO Joe Pratt. “We are honored to partner with Newport Public Schools and our City to bring the Governor’s ‘Learn 365 RI’ challenge to Newport. We have 67 years of after-school program experience to offer, and we look forward to learning from and working with school and city leaders to create an innovative, fun program for all Newport youth.”
“The Boys and Girls Club of Northern Rhode Island has been and will continue to be a strong supporter of out of school learning,” said Boys and Girls Club of Northern Rhode Island CEO Gary Rebelo. Whether it’s a culinary programs or a sports league, an academic enrichment program or a STEM camp, we strongly endorse the governors vision to expand how we think about learning from 180 days of the school year to 365 days. Indeed, our kids are always learning, and it’s on all of us to make that learning meaningful.”
“As an organization that focuses on providing academic enrichment, social and emotional development, career education, and postsecondary support for more than 3,500 middle and high school students each year, Onward We Learn has seen firsthand that learning that can and must occur both inside and beyond the traditional classroom,” said Onward President and CEO Andrew Bramson. “More than ever, students need experiential learning opportunities as well as access to rigorous programs that focus on academic boosting. Out-of-school learning is a critical tool that can move the needle on student achievement, and Onward looks forward to working with Governor McKee and his team to expand access to opportunities and replicate the success of our programs for more students statewide. At Onward We Learn, we know that education is the key to unlocking opportunities for all students, regardless of their background or circumstances. We will be an active and eager partner in this effort to help ensure that all students in Rhode Island have access to the resources they need to succeed and become the best version of themselves.”
“Building more bridges between the traditional school day and outside activities to enhance student learning and engagement is critical. Rhode Island is already fortunate to have an impressive array of out-of-school time activities to enrich student achievement,” said Former NEARI Executive Director Bob Walsh. “When we recognize those impressive activities, provide resources to expand upon existing successes, and support new programs to further enhance learning, we will be well on our way to meeting our 2030 student achievement goals.”
“Families In Action, Inc. proudly applauds Governor McKee’s commitment to providing our children with enriching out of school experiences. We are confident that this investment in our future generations will serve as an invaluable asset for the success and growth of Rhode Island families,” said Milly Rivera and Rob Capellán Co-Founders of Families In Action, Inc.

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